Dans la lune

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“Dans la lune” (In the moon) depicts a lunar cycle with simple and elegant shapes. By combining 8 colored inks, Fanette Mellier proposes a sensitive progress in the lunar month: When the moon is waxing, it diffuses a subtle palette of white tones; when the moon is waning, its dark side is revealed by a play of overprints. This transcript oscillates between technical constraints and experimentation, science and sheer poetry.

These 30 moons are those of November, at the time when the book is issued. This book was inspired by Mellier’s “Dans la lune” (In the moon) exhibit in 2010 at the Cultural Center for Children of Tinqueux. It is published with the support of France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication.

by Fanette Mellier, Publisher Éditions du livre

64 pages, 210 x 200 mm
8-color pantone printing
Metallic blue foil hardcover

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