ZWARTE BEERTJES Book Cover Desins by Dick Bruna

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Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Dick Bruna is famed for his character Miffy. Prior to creating the cute rabbit, however, his career saw him designing paperback covers. Between the ages of 28 and 48, Bruna created as many as two thousand of these, each marked by his signature “Black Bear”, which in turn would be the foundation for his later work as an illustrator. In this reprint of a substantial overview of Bruna’s paperback covers, edited by Koichi Yanagimoto, the selection of designs is wonderfully diverse, but also limited to those that most resemble his present style. Among the series represented are Jean Bruce, Charteris, and Cheyney, plus science fiction, posters, and more.

Publisher Free Ride

442 page,

22 x 22 cm